What Happened to Kenneka?

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Kenneka Jenkins Martin was a vibrant 19-year-old on the cusp of life.  Her story and her death are all too familiar.  Kenneka is one of the roughly 321,500 victims of sexual violence each year in the United States of America.  Please be advised the details of this case are gruesome and not for the faint of heart.  Allegedly, Kenneka was brutally gang raped and murdered by a group of people she knew and trusted.  As she pleaded for help, her calls went unanswered. Her, "so-called friends," failed to come to her aid at every opportunity, in spite of having full knowledge of the horrible fate that was befalling her.

Below is a video with very graphic audio of people surrounding Kenneka as the events unfolded that lead to her cruel and untimely demise.  Be forewarned this is very disturbing. 

Please join us in the chorus of voices seeking justice for Kenneka by signing the petition below and if possible donating what you can to her cause.  #Justice4Kenneka


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