Maxine Waters Awarded the Social Humanitarian Award

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has grown to be beloved by many people all over the country.  Her articulation and assertive responses to those in congress and other constituents have won the hearts of many.

Waters have become quite the celebrity politician; so much so that on August 22, Maxine Waters was awarded the Social Humanitarian Award at the Black Girls Rock 2017 Awards hosted by BET.  

"Maxine Waters, 'Auntie Maxine', thank you for your truth and justice and for keeping it real all of the time and thank you for your gospel hit, 'I'm reclaiming my time.'  Please accept the Black Girls Rock Social Humanitarian Award.  You Rock!" said Jussie Smollett from the hit show Empire on Fox.

Waters, elated, accepted the award and proceeded to give one of her most powerful speeches yet.

"I'm extremely grateful for the recognition I'm receiving this evening.  But I want you to know, if it wasn't for the love and respect shown to me by black women, those right-winged, ultra conservatives, alt-right haters in this country, they'd have me believe I'm too black, too confrontational, I'm too tough and I'm too disrespectful of them.  But I know I'm simply a strong black woman!" Waters said during her acceptance speech.

Waters, since Trump was elected, have gained the respect and attention of many progressives and black women across the United States.  Whether its her tweets, her un-bothered response to Bill O'Reilly when he made fun of her hair, or her reclaiming her time when asking members of congress important questions; Waters has definitely made her mark for telling it like it is.

Please click the link below to see entire acceptance speech