A Collaborative Effort In Fashion Design Floyd Mayweather joins forces with Philipp Plein

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Not only can he throw an ultimate knockout punch, but also Floyd Mayweather can now add throwing knockout designs. Juggling the title as boxer and now newly title fashion designer, he has a new addition to add to his resume. Mayweather has recently partnered up and inked a deal with The Philipp Plein Group and fashion designer Philipp Plein. 

This is a big deal for Mayweather in addition to being a smart business move.  The timing for this collaborative launch is in alignment with the highly awaited Mayweather and McGregor fight making its debut on August 26, 2017. 

In joining forces with Mayweather on this deal Plein said: "Floyd's fashion sense and fearless attitude perfectly match the Philipp Plein mood and lifestyle." A limited-edition collection was featured at Philipp Plein's flagship store location in Las Vegas, NV on Friday after Mayweather's and McGregor's pre-fight weigh-in. This will be Mayweather's first run as partnering designer even though this isn't his first run near a fashion runway. 

Go back to Plein's Cannes fashion show, he told The Daily Beast: "Given Floyd's taste and preference for unapologetic luxury and the fact that he was already a customer of the brand, I thought it would make sense to develop something together."

Given Mayweather's smooth personal style and versatile sense of fashion, I am looking forward to seeing the designs that will be brought forth over the next couple of years. With this collaboration between him and Plein, I along with many others will be keeping our eyes on the runways for the upcoming fall, winter, spring, and summer fashion week seasonal collections.