White House bars transgenders from entering the service 

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Back on July 26, PresidentDonald Trump first announced he wanted to reinstate a ban on transgenders in the military.  Today, Trump stopped funding for reassignment treatment for transgender people currently serving in the military.  He also barred the Pentagon from accepting transgender people into the services going forward.

NBC News reported that, according to a senior White House official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, The President signed a memo giving new guidance to his previously tweeted ban on transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military.

The memo was signed by President Trump on Friday.  This was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.  At which he gave the directive to stop funding sex reassignment procedures and forbid transgendered people into the military.

President Trump's memo also reads that openly transgendered individuals will be barred until the Secretary of Defense"provides a recommendation to the contrary that I find convincing."

At this point there has been no further statements made on if the transgendered individuals currently serving will be able to continue to serve in the military.  

There is a six month window that allows the Department of Defense to develop an implementation plan.