Border Patrol discovers smuggling tunnel after arresting 30

A cross border smuggling tunnel was discovered by U.S. Patrol Agents after arresting 30 immigrants that entered into the country illegally.  The immigrants were discovered at the San Diego Sector near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry.  

Boarder Patrol agents came across several individuals at about 1:12 a.m. who were recently smuggled into the U.S.  After a search by agents, they discovered a rough opening in the ground.  The opening had a ladder inside, which made it apparent that it was a smuggling tunnel. The exit of the tunnel is located north of the secondary fence, in the area of the Otay Mesa port of entry.

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection 

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection 

According to U.S. Boarder Patrol, they currently have 23 Chinese Nationals, 21 men, two women, and seven Mexican nationals, 4 men and three women, which makes 30 immigrants in their custody. They will remain in their custody pending further interrogation. 

Currently on the scene are members of the San Diego Tunnel Task Force, which is being led by U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI.)

Subterranean tunnels found along the California-Mexico border aren’t unheard of.  They are more commonly used by criminal organizations to smuggle illegal narcotics.  But, in this instance, the tunnels can also be used to smuggle humans as well.

The San Diego Tunnel Task Force are working closely with their law enforcement partners in Mexico on this investigation. The examination into the tunnels are on going however, there is a possibility that the latest tunnel may be apart of an incomplete tunnel previously found and seized by Mexican authorities.