Earthquake strength hurricane!

Irma is the most powerful hurricane in all of recorded history.  It has been picked up by seismographic equipment.  The category five hurricane bulldozed it's way into the Caribbean and has hit land over Antigua and Barbuda with the force of 183m/h winds.


The estimated trajectory has the storm headed towards Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and then on to Florida.

The devastation on the dual island nation of Antigua & Barbuda has already taken a large toll on infrastructure.  It has taken out power lines, tore the roof off of a police station, disabled communication between the islands and destroyed wind measuring equipment.

Prime minister Gaston Browne issued a statement this morning, reporting extensive damage to personal and public property but no loss of life. 

On the French territories of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, the story is different, there are two reported dead thus far.  However, this is just the most recent reports and will undoubtedly not reflect the total losses suffered on the islands once the storm has completely moved on.  For now, France has sent food, emergency supplies and human resources to its islands.  French minister of foreign territories, Annick Girardin herself, is personally assessing the damage in order to advise the French Government in rolling out the appropriate emergency plan.

Dutch marines have been deployed to Saint Maarten where damages are already high but no deaths have been reported as of yet.

The core of the storm will reach the U.S. Virgin Islands next and then on to Puerto Rico, and is expected to hit the Dominican Republic Thursday morning.

The mega storm has maximum sustained winds of 183 miles an hour.  The U.S. national weather service reports that Irma tops the last storm of this category, hurricane San Felipe which struck in 1928, the death tole then was 2,748 people jointly between Puerto Rico, Florida and Guadalupe. 

"The dangerousness of this event is like nothing we've ever seen," Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said. 

He continued on to say that, a lot of infrastructure won't be able to withstand this kind of force. The U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are under state of emergency at the federal level.

Irma will touch ground in Florida by Sunday where Governor Rick Scott has stated they are preparing for the category 5 hurricane. They are activating 7,000 national guard members as it is more dangerous than 1992's hurricane Andrew, which wiped out whole neighborhoods.  Evacuations have also already begun, with a 25 thousand person exodus from the Florida Keys already complete.

Even as this super destructive force mauls over the most expansive area we've seen this century, at the heels of hurricane Harvey, yet another tropical storm is brewing and is expected to reach hurricane status by this evening.  It seems the Caribbean and tropical Atlantic won't be catching a break anytime soon.  

Stay tuned as events unfold.