"For God sakes, eat the damn PEAS!" This is what I scream in my head as my son tells me “NO! I DON’T WANT IT!” I know you mommas and poppas don’t want to admit it, so I will for you. I hate when my son Jax refuses to eat his vegetables.

Why do toddlers just want to survive off cheese, hot dogs and juice? I do not understand it! I swear, if there was a Picky Eaters Anonymous, my son would be the damn founder. 

Sometimes I think screw it, eat whatever you want. But, what kind of mommas and poppas would we be if we did that?  But, I’m going to continue to fight the good fight!  And to ensure that you guys are by my side fighting; here is some advice:

Introduce your little ones to different food textures early.  I feel this is where I messed up with my son.  As a new mom, I was so nervous to let him try different textures and foods. And I’ve learned that you shouldn’t be afraid to let your child have something crunchy, squishy or spicy.

Which brings me to my next point.

Let your kid get in on the flavor! Food is wonderful, and let us not forget how great it tastes. Make sure your little one is introduced to different flavors as early as possible. 


Never stop trying to introduce the same foods or new foods to your little one. Trust me, one day they will finally eat the food they have refused for so long, and then a chain reaction will begin. 

And if all else fails get creative lol. Not only is my son apart of the Picky Eaters Anonymous but my fiancé is as well. I find myself getting creative more often than I would like to. 

Below you will not find a recipe but, what you will find, is a suggestion that works wonders!  

P.E.A eat your heart out! 

Keina Smith/The Truth Hive

Keina Smith/The Truth Hive

When making spaghetti or anything that is covered in sauce and/or cheese, this is your chance to sneak in the veggies. Get a fine cheese grater and grate some carrots, zucchini or squash. Finely chop some spinach or add pureed peas to your dish. 

I recently made some ziti and I grated carrots into the sauce and let me tell you, my son and fiancé devoured it.

 My son did find some chunks of carrot and picked it out. However, he ate all of his food without me hearing a peep. 

Good luck parents, and again NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER SURRENDER.