NFL praying for another Hurricane

I wouldn't count on the National Football League wanting anything less than near-total destruction. They need it. It was just one week ago that tensions were flaring for the NFL, with many fans opting to boycott the league because no one was hiring Colin Kaepernick. 

Sports Illustrated did a point-by-point analysis as to why they believe his failure to gain employment in the league was wrong, and as a non-football fan, I will defer to it rather than try convince you of any merit to that argument.

Low and behold, here comes Donald Trump. While rallying up a crowd in Huntsville, Alabama, spouting anything and everything to get the white base rolling. He knows that anger and fear are two of the strongest factors in getting folks out to vote, and that's exactly what he was trying to do while getting Luther Strange into office in Alabama. 

That's it, that's all he was trying to do. Drum up the votes. It may be argued that race may not have entered his mind, but it goddamned should have. We have a perception problem in America, where we think just because you're guilty you should go to jail. That's never how it's worked here. Innocent can't wait for a trial if they're too poor not to work, and in many cases, the expected outcome is actually less jail time if you plead than if you fight for your innocence, and many innocent people just take the plea deal.

Judge Jed Rakoff pointed out a systemic problem with a voting populace that gets most of its ideas on how justice works from television. It is portrayed as we envision it ideally, as the Sixth Amendment guarantees a speedy and public trial. 

“The drama inherent in these guarantees is regularly portrayed in movies and television programs as an open battle played out in public before a judge and jury. But this is all a mirage. In actuality, our criminal justice system is almost exclusively a system of plea bargaining, negotiated behind closed doors and with no judicial oversight. The outcome is very largely determined by the prosecutor alone.”

And the prosecutor, being generally an ambitious person looking to win and advance to higher public office, will take cases based on the merit of the proposed evidence. In that, there's a serious problem as well, again, with TV to blame. CSI and forensics shows really mislead the public perception on how accurate the science actually is. Everyone likes to think that because scientists have for intents and purposes replaced priests in this area of adjudication, they are just as infallible as the priests purported themselves to be. They get it wrong, a lot. A lot more than you'd think. The lie detector, while a favorite of just about any TV show, has proven to be baseless and completely arbitrary. Fingerprints have been found to have problems of their own, and even DNA tests can provide false positives.

But players in the NFL have it easy, and should be thankful. They should go on their knees and pay respect to the government. Yeah. 

So after a concerted effort from members of the left to boycott the NFL, you'll notice that your newsfeed has been hijacked by the right letting you know they're not watching football either. Great. I don't watch football at all, so I can't be wrong!

Also can't be right, but that's beside the point. 

The point is this conversation about race, police brutality and, in an overarching sense, the American Justice System, was started because a guy paid to chuck a ball around said he didn't want to honor a flag that gave his people empty promises of justice, equality and freedom. Promises that have proved false over the years through the evidence I mentioned earlier. And then this shitstorm happened.

And now because a reality TV host said that sonofabitch should stand up and shut up, we have a boycott of the NFL from both sides of the political field. The NFL must really be praying for a serious natural disaster to take our minds off of football.

Fuck I don't even watch football and I'm up to two pages here. I think Kaepernick's actions worked. I think he knew people would see them as provacative, and that's why he did them. Good job man. 

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Remember, I'm pulling for ya, we're all in this together.

-Red Green